About Us

I have had bearded collies for almost 20 years now, but I have loved and admired them for as long as I can remember. My first memory of a beardie is watching a dog show on TV and seeing this beautiful long haired, elegant dog having a great time in the ring. I went to my mom and said that’s the kind of dog I want. She took one look and said no way too much hair. Well I told her that one day I would own one! Fast forward to me living in San Diego and going to grad school. I was ready to have a beardie in my life so I started searching for breeders. My search led me to Beth White of Alashaw bearded collies. She had a beardie girl that she thought would be perfect for me. A few weeks later I was driving up to Ventura, CA to meet with Beth and bring Maggie home and as they say the rest is history. She was all I could have ever wanted in a beardie. Full of energy she made me realize this breed definitely needs a job so we started agility and we were hooked from our first class. We also had fun playing in the conformation ring, herding, and rally. Maggie opened up a whole new dog world to me and from this experience I have made lots of new friends, gone to lots of new places, and have had lots of fun adventures.

Many people warned me when I got Maggie beardies are like potato chips you can’t have just one and they were right. I moved back to Michigan when Maggie was almost 3 and decided it was time to add a second beardie to our family so Zoe joined us in December of 2003. Then in July of 2006 Sawyer, a blue boy, joined our clan. Then last year in September my Zoe had a beautiful litter of 7 puppies. From this litter I kept a special little black girl Mia.

When the litter was born I had to come up with a kennel name. I am horrible at coming up with names, but finally decided on the name Estrella. Estrella is the Spanish word for star. And since Zoe’s registered name is After Dark Seventh Star and I spent a year living in Spain and love the Spanish language I thought the name fit really well. So there you have it our story in a nutshell.