Agility is our favorite dog sport of all, and we’ve amassed some really great action photos. Here are some of our favorites.

Maggie is now retired from agility, but had a great career. She was a very fun girl to run. She enjoyed it so much that often she didn’t feel the need to take the time to slow down and find the yellow on the contacts! Her biggest handicap while running was her handler :). She still has fun in the yard and thought it was Christmas morning last year when we had our A-frame delivered to the house. She ran right over it as soon as I let everyone outside!

Zoe and Sawyer are my two dogs who are currently competing in agility. Sawyer has just started trialing this year and is a lot of fun to run. He is already in Ex JWW and hopefully will catch up in STD before long. Zoe has been competing for a few years now and is working toward her MX and MACH. She always has a great time. She is a very laid back girl except when it comes to agility. She has the nick name of “Start line explosion” because as soon as she hits the start line she starts barking and takes off and doesn’t stop until she finishes the course! She definitely has made me a better handler.

Mia is still in training and is loving every minute of it. She is a very biddable girl and doesn’t tend to argue with me as much as her mother does!

Action Photos!


Maggie jumping

Maggie on the A-Frame

Maggie shoots the chute


Mia on the A-Frame

Mia jumping

Mia in the tunnel

Another tunnel photo, courtesy of Cathi Winkles

Mia does the triple jump

Another great jump photo


Sawyer barking on the pause table

Sawyer doing the weaves

Sawyer doing the tire jump


Zoe on the dog walk

Air Zoe!

Flying Zoe in a collage photo

Photo Credits

Sawyer’s agility photos by Stewart Event Images.

Zoe’s photos: Jumping photo by Stewart Event Images. Dog walk photo is by Tawyna Shepard. Agility collage by MVP Photos.

Maggie’s photos: A-Frame and Jumping by Tien Tran. Chute photo by Cathy Winkles.