December 2017

December was a month of highs and lows here at Estrella.  We had to say good bye to Zoe.  She was the foundation for all the Estrella and AllAround beardies.  I could not have asked for a better foundation bitch for my breeding program.  She was a very sweet loving girl who also was stubborn and had a mind of her own sometimes.  Gotta love those sassy girls!  She lived a long life with us here, but of course it was not long enough.  We will miss her always.  I am so lucky to have her daughter and grand daughter

to carry on her legacy.  Love ya Zo Zo.

Zoe on the dog walk


On a happier note December was also a month in which Estrella beardies did some great things in the conformation and performance rings.

We were super excited that Ryan (CH MACH 3 ADCH Estrella’s Orion’s the Dark Hunter) and Jennifer participated at the agility invatational in Florida.  This is a huge accomplishments that requires the team be in the top 5 AKC agility beardie teams in the nation!  We are so proud of this team!

Also big congrats to Kay and Charile and his handler Nicole who were the stars in the conformation ring.  He earned his bronze Grand Championship and also ended up the #12 bearded collie in conformation points for the year.  This all with very limited showing.  I am also very proud of this team Charlie loves to show and he and Nicole make a great team in the conformation ring.

Here in Michigan we spent the first and last weekends of December doing agility.  It was only Soleil’s second trial that first weekend and first trial in 3 months with very limited practice so I didn’t know what to expect, but she did awesome and picked up a 3 Qs that weekend.  She finished the year with a bang earning all three of her novice agility titles!  Mia picked up a couple of double Qs and Sawyer is loving running in preferred Time2Beat!