January 2018

January was mostly spent staying inside and trying to keep warm!  But we did make it to an Agility trial the end of the month and Soleil was once again the star earning her Open Standard title and her Open FAST title.  She is such a fun girl and sure is enjoying this game!  Mia and Sawyer also had fun and earned some Qs too!  It was great to see our good friends Marth and Michael and of course Ella and Ice.  Sawyer was super happy to see Miss Blue!

December 2017

December was a month of highs and lows here at Estrella.  We had to say good bye to Zoe.  She was the foundation for all the Estrella and AllAround beardies.  I could not have asked for a better foundation bitch for my breeding program.  She was a very sweet loving girl who also was stubborn and had a mind of her own sometimes.  Gotta love those sassy girls!  She lived a long life with us here, but of course it was not long enough.  We will miss her always.  I am so lucky to have her daughter and grand daughter

to carry on her legacy.  Love ya Zo Zo.

Zoe on the dog walk


On a happier note December was also a month in which Estrella beardies did some great things in the conformation and performance rings.

We were super excited that Ryan (CH MACH 3 ADCH Estrella’s Orion’s the Dark Hunter) and Jennifer participated at the agility invatational in Florida.  This is a huge accomplishments that requires the team be in the top 5 AKC agility beardie teams in the nation!  We are so proud of this team!

Also big congrats to Kay and Charile and his handler Nicole who were the stars in the conformation ring.  He earned his bronze Grand Championship and also ended up the #12 bearded collie in conformation points for the year.  This all with very limited showing.  I am also very proud of this team Charlie loves to show and he and Nicole make a great team in the conformation ring.

Here in Michigan we spent the first and last weekends of December doing agility.  It was only Soleil’s second trial that first weekend and first trial in 3 months with very limited practice so I didn’t know what to expect, but she did awesome and picked up a 3 Qs that weekend.  She finished the year with a bang earning all three of her novice agility titles!  Mia picked up a couple of double Qs and Sawyer is loving running in preferred Time2Beat!

November 2017 News


So proud of Soleil who made her Rally Debut this month.  She finished her Rally Novice title in three days!  She earned scores of 95 the first day with a 3rd place, a 97 the second day with a 2nd place, and a 98 the 3rd day with a first place!  The judges comments were all positive and she did tell me the only reason she took points off on the last day was she bounced up a couple of times.  I will take a happy bouncing beardie in the ring anytime!  We are excited to do more Rally!



September/October 2017

Betty, Can CH Estrella’s Pretty Betty Quick NA NAJ CD RE gave us a thrill going Winners Bitch at the 2017 Bearded Collie National specialty!  Thanks to breeder judge Michele Ritter for this exciting win!  Congrats to Betty’s owners Michel and Lousie!


We were super excited to travel to the Beardie National Speciality this month.  It has been several years since we have been able to attend so had been looking forward to this week for a long time.  We were able to visit with so many friends and extended family.  Zoe had 7 kids and 12 grand kids there participating in every venue!  This Speciality was extra special since it had 2 days of agility!  Mia got a STD Q the first day and a double Q the next!  Sawyer made is 16 in preferred debut and at 11.5 showed he is not slowing down by winning his Time to Beat class!  Sadly Soleil had to miss out since she came into season :(. Lots of other Estrella and AllAround beardie earned Qs and new titles it made me so proud!  In Rally and Obedience Ryan (Zoe/Stan) earned a 2nd place in Rally Novice B and Betty (Soleil/Chase) earned a 4th place in Rally Nov A and a first place in Nov A obedience.  In conformation Soleil came in 3rd in the bred by class and the big star of conformation was Betty who gave us a huge thrill and wend Winners Bitch!  Betty and her owner Michel are an awesome team. Betty is Michel’s first show Beardie and they have done an amazing job learning the ropes of the conformation ring as well as the rally, obedience, and agility rings.  I am SO proud of this amazing team!  It will be a week we sure won’t forget!!!

Summer 2015

Family portrait. Left to right: Betty, Soleil, and Jett. Mia and Chase are in front.

Charlie earned his Grand Championship on July 3. Congratulations to his mom Kay and Hdnler Nicole!

Spring 2015

Three Generations: Soleil, Zoe, and Mia

We were excited to be back at agility again this month. Sawyer started the weekend off with a bang getting his MXJ! We have worked really hard and I feel like things are finally really coming together! He also got another standard leg. Mia earned another QQ and a JWW Q. We do enjoy trialing up in Midland.

Happy birthday to Sawyer who turned 9 in April!

April started out with a fun hike at one of our favorite spots! It was sure strange not having any snow to hike through! We are enjoying spring and looking forward to setting up our backyard for agility training…its been a long winter and we are ready for spring!

We finally got back to an agility trial! MIa and Sawyer were so happy to play again and so was I. It has been a long winter so it was good to get out. Even better we got to spend it with our good friend Martha and her awesome beardie Ice! Sawyer had some awesome runs and came away with another std leg. Mia earned another QQ and a std Q…would have been 2 QQs if her handler hadn’t forgot part of the course :)…oh well we had fun anyway. Congrats to Martha and Ice who earned her AX!

Huge congrats go out to Andrea and Brie who earned her MACH 2!!! They earned this title in just a few short months of competing after coming back from Maternity leave. I am so proud of this awesome team. The Texas Estrella beardies are also doing well lots of Qs and QQs coming their way! Congrats go out to Jennifer and Ryan who earned his MAD title in USDAA! Charlie continues to impress in the breed ring earning a few more GrCH points.

I love hearing all about the newest Estrella puppies as they grow up. Lots of fun stories of winter adventures and training stories.